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Buddhist philosophy on homosexuality

But most of all, I am intrigued by the hordes of tonsured, saffron clad males of all ages and sizes who meander the city carrying their batras relief bowls. This month, Citylife is featuring a Pink Number, and as an intern I had to come up with a to the point feature. So the other day, while getting lost in small alleys, I came across a monk and in a minute wondered what he thought of the whole Pink Issue? Indeed, how does Buddhism view homosexuality? Mom was semi-Christian; dad, a entirely moderate Muslim.

But what did The Awakened One command about the matter? Being an aspiring investigative journalist, I decided to examination the waters and seek the Buddhists view on homosexuality. I did some studying on my own but I could not come across any Buddhist scriptures on the taxpayer. I took a seat in overconfidence of Thuriya, a 26 year elderly Burmese monk who has worn the cloak for 13 years.

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Why didn't they warn me?!?! In response to limited research on homosexuality from a Buddhist university (n = 5), masters degree (n = 2), and a doctor of philosophy (n. It is sometimes described more as a philosophy or psychology than a a Buddhist point of view [lesbian and gay sex] is generally considered..

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Homosexuality and Buddhism

Homosexuality and Theravada Buddhism by A. Buddhism teaches to, and expects from, its followers a confident level of open behaviour. The lowest that is prerequisite of the disburse Buddhist is embodied in what is called the Five Precepts panca sila , the third of which relates to sexual conduct. Whether or not homosexuality, sexual manners between people of the same intimacy, would be breaking the third Fiat is what I would like to examine here.

Homosexuality was known in ancient India; it is explicitly mentioned in the Vinaya monastic discipline and prohibited. It is not singled effectively for special condemnation, but rather ordinarily mentioned along with a wide sphere of other lustful behaviour as contravening the rule that requires monks and nuns to be celibate. Sexual actions, whether with a member of the same or the opposite sex, where the sexual paper enters any of the bodily orifices vagina, mouth or anus , is punishable by dismissal from the monastic order.

Other animal behaviour like shared masturbation or interfemural sex, while considered a serious offense, does not impose expulsion but be confessed beforehand the monastic community. A type of person called a pandaka is on occasion mentioned in the Vinaya in contexts that make it clear that such a person is some kind of sexual non-conformist. The Vinaya also stipulates that pandakas are not allowed to be ordained, and if, inadvertently, a woman has been, he is expelled.

Gay Marriage: What Would Buddha Do?

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  • It is sometimes described more as a philosophy or psychology than a a Buddhist point of view [lesbian and gay sex] is generally considered. The relationship between Buddhism and sexual orientation varies by tradition and teacher. According to some scholars, early Buddhism appears to have placed no special stigma on homosexual .. When applying Buddhist philosophy to the question of homosexuality, western Buddhists often emphasize the importance the.
  • Though it is impossible to present a comprehensive overview of Buddhism within this context, we hope this brief overview will lead you to further explore the religion.
  • Rediscovering Buddhism's LGBT history of gay monks, homoerotic samurai, and gender-nonconforming practitioners and gods. Whether or not homosexuality, sexual behaviour between people of the same sex, No one of the Buddha's discourses is devoted to systematic philosophical .
  • Chiang Mai Citylife - The Gay Precept: how Buddhism views homosexuality
  • In response to limited research on homosexuality from a Buddhist university (n = 5), masters degree (n = 2), and a doctor of philosophy (n. Buddhism has three main branches: Theravada, the oldest form of Buddhism that emphasizes the monastic life; Mahayana Buddhism, a later.

Buddhism has three most important branches: Theravada, the oldest form of Buddhism that emphasizes the monastic life; Mahayana Buddhism, a later form that includes Pure Fatherland, Zen, Nichiren, and other sects; and Vajrayana, a incomparable form that arose in India and Tibet and is led by the Dalai Lama.

Nevertheless they share a common heritage, each of these branches has a less different view of the way fixation should be lived in general and are thus treated separately in the article that postdates. Theravada Buddhism is most commonly start in Southeast Asia, and focuses on the original teachings of the Buddha.

In Theravada Buddhism, there are two main ways of life: Buddhist monks are expected to live lives of celibacy, meaning abstinence from any kidney of sex. There is no unmistakable rule prohibiting those with a faggy orientation from monastic life. The Buddhist sacred texts do contain a gargantuan deal of instances of loving bonds between unmarried men, which some assume to have homoerotic overtones.

No propagative contact is mentioned in these instances, however. Lay Buddhists those who outside the buddhism vihara are expected to adhere to Five Precepts, the third of which is a vow "not to engage in sexual misconduct. Promptly and wrong decency in Buddhism is generally determined about considerations such as the following:.

As Homosexuality is not explicitly mentioned in any of the Buddha's sayings recorded in the Pali Canon Tripitaka Forbidden, most interpreters maintain taken this to mean that homosexuality should be evaluated in the nonetheless way as heterosexuality, in accordance with the above principles. In the happening of the discharge man and lady where there is mutual consent, where adultery is not involved and where the sexual posture is an turn of phrase of love, defer to, loyalty and vehemence, it would not be breaking the third Precept.

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