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Welcome to the Animal Outreach Humane Society of McHenry County website
Here you can view our animals currently up for adoption, check out our events, get useful information on animal care, find out about our many programs, see all the ways Animal Outreach is involved in the community, see all the ways you can help us (many of them are very easy), and much more. So take a look around.  


Thank you for supporting Animal Outreach. Your generosity has helped us save and adopt out over 3800 animals. Here are just a few of the stories your support helped made possible.


You can pause the stories scrolling by putting your cursor over the photo.

Here are 3 of 25 cats Animal Outreach rescued from a woman who got in way over her head. All the cats were given medical exams and spayed/neutered. Many were adopted, and the ferals were cared for as well.
Erin was one of 4 female cats left to die in a locked outhouse in the forest preserve. Some good Samaritans found them and brought them to Animal Outreach. All of them have since been adopted.
Twinkie was hit by a car and was going to be put down by animal control because she needed costly surgeries. Animal Outreach was able to provide her with the needed medical treatment, and she has now been adopted.
Meet Lenny. Animal Outreach took in Lenny, since he was homeless and had what appeared to be a severe injury to his paw. Turns out he had an incurable (but treatable) foot disease, but Lenny is still a very friendly fellow, and we'll do our best to find him a home to call his own.

Upcoming Adoption Events
Upcoming Adoption Events
Sorry, there are no upcoming adoption events listed.

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Upcoming Non-Adoption Events
Upcoming Non-Adoption Events
Sorry, there are no upcoming non-adoption events listed.

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